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Welcome to Purple Buddies.

This is a site devoted to people that have suffered any form of Domestic Violence, Spousal Violence, Child Abuse or Bullying.

Domestic Violence is not just getting a beating. It’s about mind games, control and financial deprivation. It’s about traditions and ethnic backgrounds. It’s about religious communities and leaders.

It's about freedom and it is a cancer that is spreading and killing generations.  It is a cancer that must be stopped and eradicated now!

We are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to training, lecturing and rebuilding lives that have been destroyed by one form of Domestic Violence or the other.

Purple Buddies is a website you can come to to share your stories, ask for group therapy, conflict management or just to talk.

Purple Buddies is all about you and making peace with the past, building a future, while helping others.



It is possible to live a life after abuse.

Purple Buddies was founded so survivors could come together and share their stories as a form of encouragement to those still suffering, or those that want to get out but don't see a way.  If I can get out, anyone can! Yep. You've heard this many a time. But it's true! Domestic violence is a very personal to Us and the more people We can help the better.

It's sad to know that many people are suffering in their own homes. They are physically and mentally abused. They have their salary taken, their phones controlled or taken away. They are isolated from family and friends.   

Let's get our voice out there and help others become survivors.

At Purple Buddies we want to put a stop to the domestic violence cancer and show sufferers that there is life after abuse and it is possible to move on. There is help available and no matter the sex, creed, religion, colour or sexual orientation, Purple Buddies are there to help.




Sola Doyle LL.B. BA Eng. PGCE-DTLLs (Lit). BA. Early Years.

I am a survivor.

I married my sweetheart and for many years it seemed like a marriage made in heaven. We were even looked upon as the perfect couple. There was one thing wrong. He was married in his country (he told me he was divorced) and he was a bully.

I was mentally and financially abused.

I was called ugly and repeatedly told no man would ever look at me again. Sometimes it would be a slap or a punch, other times just silence. 

Silence till I begged. 

He had total control over my life. I was completly isolated. I could not socialise or visit family. He cut off my complete network and I didn't even know it was happening. I thought it was love I thought he wanted to be with me, that we didn't need anyone else.

How wrong was I? 

I decided to go back to university as the job market was slow. I thought he supported my decision.

He did, with conditions. I was not allowed to stay late in reading rooms. I was not allowed to participate in group work, as the men would try and seduce me. I was not allowed to use the library after classes as it would be an excuse to go partying or meeting men.

I was not allowed to give lifts to male students as one thing usually leads to another. I was not allowed to do anything outside normal hours or on days off!

I wanted to complete my Law degree but he told me if I practiced or studied further, I would become pompous and disrespectful, so i stayed at home.

He would travel for weeks on end and leave me and the children with nothing. 

When he would return it would either be total silence or we would argue for days over his wreckless spending abroad.

Eventually I became a recluse to my room. I was clinically depressed and I didn't even know it.

Finally I got the strength to tell him it was over. He thought I was joking, even in such dire times he made it all about him. He told me he would give me time to reconsider my decision. He called me all the names in the world but I had had enough. That was it.

I had to have him forcefully removed from the family home. I obtained a restraining order and that was it.

I moved county and here I am today.

A survivor!


We look forward to hearing from you soon.